Elegant or dynamic, modern or classic, silver or titanium, and always professionally balanced in terms of weight and handling. ABT sport wheels perfectly complete the individual performance of your car. After all, It’s obvious after close inspection, that these wheels are manufactured to meet the highest standards, suited to perform on both the street and on the track. Not only do they look great, they want to be driven.


Reduced To The Exceptional - The DR Wheel


Probably one of the most extraordinary sport wheels currently on the market. The DR wheel is of optimised weight and revolutionary design, with a perfected concentricity. It is the first ABT wheel with a machine-relieved rim well and the first in a gun-metal or mystic black look. People will certainly pay attention.

  ABT DR Sport Wheels


ABT ER Sport Wheels



The ER-C. Milled From One Piece.


The latest ABT high performance rim is already a classic among five-spoke sports wheels. Impressive in appearance, superior in finish, exceptional in every way. Above all, unforgettable once experienced first hand. The cast ABT ER-C, available in silverbullet or gun metal.


The ER-F. Super Lightweight Forged. 


Our new masterpiece. From a technical point of view, it strikes a perfect balance between weight and stability. A mere 9 kg. And weight-optimised by a further 35 %. 100 % steerable. With perceptibly better handling and measurably better performance – and that goes for driving and braking alike. From an emotional point of view, it is the very soul of racing. Or quite simply, the ultimate forged happiness. The ABT ER-F.


ABT ER-F Sport Wheels


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