ABT Exhaust Systems


Impressive power can be transformed into visual and acoustic enjoyment. Extensive development work and a double-wall stainless steel design ensure ABT exhaust systems and rear silencers always perform at their best. Even selected diesel engines, renown for sounding subdued, can now leave a lasting impression, our specially developed rear silencers creating an impressive, full-bodied tone.


What does a Performance Exhaust do?

Most vehicle manufacturers leave room for improvement in many areas of your vehicle, including the exhaust system. That doesn’t mean that the original exhaust isn’t good, but if you want better performance and/or a better sounding car, a exhaust upgrade is one of the easiest and cheapest upgrades one can do. A performance exhaust can free up some of the power in your engine by allowing the gases to escape a bit easier, when the gases can escape, your engine can "breath" better and runs smoother. Also, when the exhaust flows better, the fuel and air exit the combustion chamber faster and new fuel and air can be burned to create more power. If the system is too big, it can even hurt the performance of your car, defeating the purpose of buying the exhaust in the first place. This is not the case with ABT Performance Exhaust Sytems, which is well engineered and has undergone a proper development. ABT together with industry leaders works hand in hand to help your vehicle to perform at it's best and doesn't just make more noise.


How will an Exhaust System benefit me? 

The most beneficial way to use a performance exhaust is on turbocharged engines, like most vehicles are these days manufactured by the VW Group. When the exhaust gas can flows through the turbocharger with the least resistance as possible, not only will you gain power, but you will also get a wider powerband. The turbocharger will spool up faster and will give the car more power at a lower engine rpm. 

A performance exhaust is intended to improve airflow through the engine. Anytime you can improve the efficiency of airflow through a combustion engine you can increase your vehicles performance. The exhaust system has two main functions; to silence the engine and to optimize the performance of the engine. Silencing is determined by the design and constructions of the pipe (the number of chambers and the diameter of the tailpipe) while performance is governed by the shape and length of the exhaust system. Both functions undergo a complete redevelopment to improve not only the sound, also to get a better performing engine, ideally combined with the ABT Engine Control.


Quality is Important

This is a important, if not the most importand factor of all. Most factory systems are made of mild steel, that means they will get worse and worse over the years. Our aftermarket systems are made from stainless steel, so it lasts longer and holds performance. Stainless steel systems can even last for the life of your car. It is our philosophy at ABT Sportsline to provide our customers with high quality, proper german engineered/made products which help to upgrade and improve your vehicle. This is why our products get developed and tested for each specific vehicle we offer components for. What this means is that the product you buy has been engineered for your particular model as well as tested extensively in house and independenly certified - German TÜV approved. Quality made by ABT.

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