Why Blend In When You Were Born To Stand Out.

If you value individuality as much as extraordinary dynamics, then the ABT team is your perfect pit crew. The ABT designers, engineers, technicians and model makers work hand in hand - from initial blueprint and model creation, to prototype production and component manufacturing, all made to high quality German standards. The result is something to be flaunted. Our entirely self-developed tuning program will transform your standard production vehicle into a fascinating and dynamic sports car with its very own identity.


High Demands with Regards to Workmanship and Reliability

All body parts must meet extraordinarily high demands in terms of their surface quality, workmanship and stability. They are tailored to the respective Audi or VW model and every component fullfils its task. It is precisely because of this that ABT aerodynamic components must pass strict quality checks. These include, amongst other things, accuracy of fit, workmanship, material properties and corrosion characteristics, all independently certified by the German TÜV.

The ABT aerodynamic parts are tailored in every detail, both in their construction and material properties, to fit the respective Audi or VW model. That is because every ABT part is made to the same specifications as genuine Audi/VW body panels to achieve the same or even exceed the quality standards set by original parts. The body panels, therefore, set benchmarks when it comes to accuracy of fit, to their integration with other Audi or VW vehicle components, as well as in the fulfilment of important functions. Due to their accuracy of fit, precise workmanship and the typically high standards that Audi and VW demands, these parts oer a number of advantages in comparison with other cheaper manufactured products.

This high level of construction is the necessary prerequisite to meet the standards required by all Audi & VW vehicle components - so that they all come together as one functioning unit. In general ABT aerodynamic parts show, along with a perfect dimensional accuracy, an above average accuracy of fit, plus there is no unnecessary adjustment work. As a result, the ABT body panels have shorter installation times and a particularly good functional integration into the overall vehicle.


Convincing Arguments for ABT Aerodynamic Parts

In terms of accuracy of fit, workmanship and design they satisfy the high standards of quality of Audi & Volkswagen, which is necessary so that the parts work together smoothly with other vehicle components, this is the best argument for using ABT body parts. Because Audi & VW customers, in particular, demand the highest standards of quality and performance. Our products meet these demanding requirements – both our own requirements and those of our customers – and in accordance with the relevant Audi or VW model. You will benefit in a number of ways:

• shorter installation & repair times and subsequent cost savings
• high level of expertise in construction, ensuring excellent interaction with other Audi vehicle components

Whether cutting precision, dimensional accuracy, accuracy of fit,  adjustable gap dimensions or the fact that there is no adjustment  work necessary – the body parts from ABT Sportsline set new quality standards in the areas of handling, fitting characteristics and ease of installation.

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